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September 12th, 2019




Film Script turned into a Book


Tired of the Republican’s bullshit, Zoltan, inspired by his past, decides to get rid of their evil ways with his own brand of vigilante justice. Though Murdock is a rookie FBI Agent in the ranks, she discovers the conspiracy. However, instead of getting a medal, she gets fired from the Bureau. Now she must risk her life to redeem her honor.

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A political comedy about America metamorphosing into a communistic society. Communists or republicans what's the difference. Cruel austerity is the same no matter what the label is.

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Film Script


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Prochoice And Prolife Existing In Harmony.

September 10th, 2019

Okay make abortion illegal.
Okay make laws like women having abortion tried for murder.
Okay get a lawyer for the fetus. Yes, do all that.

Then the balance is making laws like trying the father of the aborted fetus for murder.
Every single individual registering their political affiliation also register whether they are prolife or prochoice.
Every single individual, organization, religious group have to pay an extra $10 in taxes every paycheck or 10% of their income.
This money is to be spent on free contraceptives for every single individual and mandatory sex education for everyone starting at age ten.
Education on how to prevent pregnancy.
Any loopholes?
But don't bother with a response like "it would never happen", unless you explain why and how you would fix it.
It is a problem, prochoice people can't run away from. Because those "get a lawyer for the fetus”
people won't get it through their heads that's it's not their fuckin business. Yet, they also vote against contraceptives like Chick-fil-A.
We've been playing defense.
Horrified at the unreasonableness instead of figuring out how to throw back the punch.
So this both ideology can exist side by side.
If after all that someone is careless enough to get pregnant then how can we help you.
Congratulations you're a parent.
Prolife and Prochoice existing in harmony.

The Truth Abot Truth...

September 7th, 2019


So then is it true that democratic socialism and socialism is the same?
Actually in America we already have both socialism and democratic socialism. But they are not the same. The Republicans want to implement socialist policies like Mc Connell refusing to let an issue on the floor for a vote. That’s a socialist move. The Democrats want to implement democratic social policies like ending voter suppression..
Socialism = Stalin.
Democratic socialism=Capitalism+socialist practices.
The truth is it’s the Republican Party who is hell bent on implementing socialism, not the democrats.

In a socialist government there is no balance of power. In socialism balance of power is like a scale striped of both sides. There was Stalin and that’s it. Stalin killed twenty million people just because. Just because they didn’t agree with him, or he didn’t like them. Jews, Gypsys, gays.
Stalin just killed his opposition, easy peasy beautiful. And that’s socialism.
Did you know Stalin killed more people than Hitler? Yeah. But if you didn’t know that’s only because Hitler has a better publicist.

I like to see our millennia’s be little robots bending their heads to a dictatorial leader. Take their credit cards away and let them deal only in cash, there would be no iPad upgrade. That would drive millennials crazy. That’s socialism. You are fuckin poor. The only time we ate when horse dropped dead in the middle of the street.
And this is what’s odd. Communism and socialism are derivatives of Marxism. Karl Marx, advocated a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. However, like Jesus’ teachings which become many religions, Karl Marx’s theory became and transformed into many types of government: Collectivism, state ownership, socialism, radical socialism, Sovietizism, Bolshevism, Marxism, neo-Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, and Stalinism.
Although Karl Marx had good intention advocating a society that befits all. But by the time Lenin and Stalin got through with it, it was no different from Fascism, Totalitarianism, Nazism or any other authoritarian government. No voting, and opposition is punished by death. And that’s socialism.
A socialist society is not easy to live in, to say the least. In communism, socialism there are no safety nets. Which is odd since that’s their selling point. The propaganda is each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs, but only if you join the communist party otherwise you can starve to death, literally. So the socialist policies are just the opposite from what their propaganda is. We hated the Stalin appointed Hungarian president but we couldn’t vote him out of office. Stalin appointed him for life. Can you imagine if Trump was our president until he died? Our democracy would turn into “Idiocracy” like the movie. We be watering our crops with cool-aid. That’s socialism. People did as they were told if they wanted to live.

My parents were anti-communists. You may ask why would you not join the communist party if it caused you such a hardship. Well if you disagreed with policies like the homeless be jailed, gays be killed, religion be banned, Jews and gypsies be persecuted than it would be a problem to join. My parents were hiding, on the run during my entire childhood, dragging us kids with them like luggage. My mother always tried to make light of it: “It is okay children just pretend we’re playing hide and seek, ignore the sirens.” When we first immigrated to America I had mini breakdowns. I saw things like roaches in coffeecakes. But they were only walnuts. I would randomly burst out in hysteria for no apparent reason. Anyway, finally the diagnosis was that my mind was so used to fear and now since there is nothing to fear, basically my mind was still on fear autopilot, like when we push our arm against the wall then let it go, the arm still goes up by itself. Try it! But anyway the doctor said, “Don’t worry; eventually you’ll be ok because there is nothing to be scared of in America.” But since Citizens United, Trump and vagina probing, I’ve been seeing nuts again.
So yes socialism is bad, but democratic socialism is good. Democratic socialism embraces both capitalism and democracy. One can make as much money as one wants. Nobody is going to take it away from them. But at the same time democratic practices protect the rest of us from the greed of those who will never have enough
So then what are democratic socialist practices? They are Social Security so old people don’t have to end up on the street, Public Schools so every child, no matter how poor or rich, receives an education preparing them for their future, highways so that we don’t have to drive on dirt roads. Both the capitalist and the people drive on the same highway, one may sport a limousine the other a broken down jalopy but it’s the same highway. Public transportations, mail, Medicare, Medicaid, garbage collection, so the rats don’t move in. Street cleaning, so the garbage is not piled mountain high on our streets and so forth. That’s why we pay taxes And in a democratic socialism, all that is accomplished by people voting on how we spend our money. Choosing what kind of society we want to live in. Democratic socialism works because there is freedom. Free citizens of a nation free to decide what’s best for them. Unlike in a socialist government where you better do as you’re told or those in power hang you by your appendage.
Democratic socialism doesn’t mean the end of free enterprise, in fact free enterprise is even more profitable. In democratic socialism free enterprise not only creates profit and jobs but it creates a positive environment where citizens live a healthy holy happy life. Because the reverse Robin Hood activity is not tolerated. If you are against democratic socialism then you are against yourself and you are for the 1%. Unless of corse you are the 1% then you are for yourself.
When we can see the barn is burning down then we will only have democratic socialism. “Oh I don’t talk about politics” “well religion and sex are what you don’t talk about. Not talking about politics is like not talking about your plan for a family summer vacation.”
The republicans throw up every time democratic socialism is mentioned because their donors want a centralized government runned by the corporations. If we let them win then when the Republican cycle is completed America will have only socialism. There be no unions, no social security, no healthcare. Do I even need to continue? And that be socialism, because it doesn’t matter what the label is, capitalism or socialism, poverty, hunger, injustice, cruelty is the same whatever the label is. But democratic socialism is just the opposite. Actually democratic socialism is just real democracy. If we had pure democracy than we would have democratic socialism. Because we would already have healthcare for all, free colleges, the 1% would be paying their fair share of taxes and so on.
And the only reason we have this mess is because of a trickled down corporate propaganda. “Oh what the use they all the same”. The truth is the Republicans are the socialist. Just like in socialism the party made laws to favor themselves, the Republicans make laws to favor the 1%. We don’t have real democracy. What we have is capitalism running wild. Too many people in America are not connected to the power of the people.
So just like in socialism or communism in America the 1% has it all. Republican policies make the rich richer like the heads of the communist party became richer. In both case at our expense? Voting for Republicans is like inviting the 1% to rob us blind. Enabling a behavior that reflects, “We want everything for ourselves and the hell with you, you can starve to death”. Socialism just like corporations are very similar. They both rob us, it doesn’t matter if we can’t feed our children. The Republicans want to privatize Social Security? In socialism there is no social security. But can you image if Bush was successful privatizing social security? What would have happen to millions of seniors when we had financial meltdown in 2008? In America people are dying because Republicans want to dismantle healthcare. That’s socialism. People are dying because they can’t afford medicine? That’s socialism.
So the difference between socialism and democratic socialism, in socialism you pay for your donut, never getting it, in democratic socialism you pay for your donut, get it and enjoy eating it.

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

February 13th, 2019

It’s a no brainer, of course we need regulations. Es-pecially regulations that prevents us from having to eat bread sprinkled with cockroaches. I love how in America shit like that doesn't happen, well except on Survival the TV reality show. One time a friend, who is American, and I were watching Survival. The contestants had to eat live roaches. My American friend was like, yak. I’m like no ac-tually eating cockroaches is not all that bad, they just have to be dead. Than they taste like crunchy cauliflower chips, especially when one is starving to death.

But why do we have regulations in the first place? Because corporations cannot be trusted. They contaminate our food, our air, our water. In-stead of spending millions on buying lobbyist they could be spending those millions on buying Mr. Clean. But their greed and contempt for the work-ing class blinds them to this fact. And as smart as they are, they are still idiots. What do they think when the earth becomes like burned toast they be exempt?

Growing up in Hungary after the war during com-munism I know from first-hand experience what happens when there are no regulations, no FDA. When I was a kid in Hungary there was never enough food. So no matter how disgusting, we ate it. Like for instance buying bread, the baker would disappear through some dark hole in the back, then reappear with a loaf, carrying the bread under his armpits, which looked like a rain forest dripping with perspiration. But we couldn't do anything about it if we wanted to live. My mother always tried to look on the bright side, she would just look at us and say, least we’re getting some saturated fat. I remember when we first went grocery shopping in America, a miracle, bread wrapped up in cellophane all nice and neat. The slices like a row of little soldiers. I love how clean everything is in America. I remember the first time we turned on the faucet in the kitchen, the water was crystal clear not like in Hungary brown like poop.

The communists and the owners of corporations are actually pretty much alike, they both greedy liars unable to think past their own skin. The communists used physi-cal force to keep us from demanding regulations, the corporations use fear, telling us regulations hinders them in business therefore causes layoffs. Fear is fear no matter how they inject it. That’s why the working men goes along with this bullshit!
Until it is in one’s daily life, no escape, everything is filthy, and nothing works regulations seem unimportant. Like the water contamination in Flint Michigan, or, be-cause of franking, the water situation in West Virginia. How did things get so bad? Well, the problem is we ex-pect zombies to do right by us, safeguard our drinking water. But we consistently hire politicians who are not qualified, they take bribes from corporations, and sins they commit against us but yet we vote for them who . But, I’m pretty sure now, if they weren’t before, those Americans who are experiencing this incredible hardship are for regulations.
And if anybody who still thinks Wall Street and the banks should not be regulated must be a bil-lionaire.

Regulations are not about politics; regulations are about living in a society where we have clean air, clean food, and clean water. We don’t want to drink water that we can light on fire like farths.