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To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

February 13th, 2019

It’s a no brainer, of course we need regulations. Es-pecially regulations that prevents us from having to eat bread sprinkled with cockroaches. I love how in America shit like that doesn't happen, well except on Survival the TV reality show. One time a friend, who is American, and I were watching Survival. The contestants had to eat live roaches. My American friend was like, yak. I’m like no ac-tually eating cockroaches is not all that bad, they just have to be dead. Than they taste like crunchy cauliflower chips, especially when one is starving to death.

But why do we have regulations in the first place? Because corporations cannot be trusted. They contaminate our food, our air, our water. In-stead of spending millions on buying lobbyist they could be spending those millions on buying Mr. Clean. But their greed and contempt for the work-ing class blinds them to this fact. And as smart as they are, they are still idiots. What do they think when the earth becomes like burned toast they be exempt?

Growing up in Hungary after the war during com-munism I know from first-hand experience what happens when there are no regulations, no FDA. When I was a kid in Hungary there was never enough food. So no matter how disgusting, we ate it. Like for instance buying bread, the baker would disappear through some dark hole in the back, then reappear with a loaf, carrying the bread under his armpits, which looked like a rain forest dripping with perspiration. But we couldn't do anything about it if we wanted to live. My mother always tried to look on the bright side, she would just look at us and say, least we’re getting some saturated fat. I remember when we first went grocery shopping in America, a miracle, bread wrapped up in cellophane all nice and neat. The slices like a row of little soldiers. I love how clean everything is in America. I remember the first time we turned on the faucet in the kitchen, the water was crystal clear not like in Hungary brown like poop.

The communists and the owners of corporations are actually pretty much alike, they both greedy liars unable to think past their own skin. The communists used physi-cal force to keep us from demanding regulations, the corporations use fear, telling us regulations hinders them in business therefore causes layoffs. Fear is fear no matter how they inject it. That’s why the working men goes along with this bullshit!
Until it is in one’s daily life, no escape, everything is filthy, and nothing works regulations seem unimportant. Like the water contamination in Flint Michigan, or, be-cause of franking, the water situation in West Virginia. How did things get so bad? Well, the problem is we ex-pect zombies to do right by us, safeguard our drinking water. But we consistently hire politicians who are not qualified, they take bribes from corporations, and sins they commit against us but yet we vote for them who . But, I’m pretty sure now, if they weren’t before, those Americans who are experiencing this incredible hardship are for regulations.
And if anybody who still thinks Wall Street and the banks should not be regulated must be a bil-lionaire.

Regulations are not about politics; regulations are about living in a society where we have clean air, clean food, and clean water. We don’t want to drink water that we can light on fire like farths.