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Hi and Welcome.

My name is Gabby Tary and I'm a freelance artist, who also paints pet portraits, dogs, and cats.
Originally I'm from Budapest, Hungary, now I reside and work in Santa Monica, California.

If you would like art personalized for an event, or birthday, or anniversary, anything at all. Contact me.

This website is within Final Art America Virtual Art Mall for your convenience. Lots of fun, check it out. You like a painting you can print any size
and you have zillions of frames to choose from.
Plus why not support a local artist when you need a gift?

Please visit my official website:

Art is printed on merchandise produced by Fine Art America.
If you have a question, have a problem, or you need to return merchandise, or a print,
please call Fine Art America at (877-807-5901)
from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday.
They have excellent customer service. Thank you:)

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